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Casting Hall is Buffalo State's student operated and funded theater production company and co-producer for the Theater Department’s season. Casting Hall provides students with the opportunity to get practical experience in all aspects of the production. This includes publicity, costume and set construction, technical staffing, production management and budget management. Casting Hall receives its budget from the United Students Government and the mandatory student activity fee.

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By joining Casting Hall, you will expand your education. You will learn and practice personal management skills, advertising skills, poster design, carpentry, electrical work, or accounting. Casting Hall is more than just an item for your resume, it provides you with real-life experiences and the opportunity to work side-by-side with faculty and other students on a professional production.

Voting members are also eligible to design or direct minor productions.


Casting Hall is governed by committees which include budget, publicity, and production, and an executive board that oversees the other committees in daily operations. The committees are made up of voting members. The executive board consists of a President, Vice President, Production Manager, Treasurer, Publicity, Secretary, and Audience Services.

As many as three shows are staged each semester. Theater Department faculty and students work together on all aspects of a show's production. Major productions are directed and designed by faculty while minor shows are put together by students. Proposals are voted on by the general membership. The members of Casting Hall decide which shows will be produced.

Voting Rights

To be eligible to vote, new members are required to work 35 hours for Casting Hall. Committee work, acting in a show, set builds, and costume construction are all ways to accumulate hours. Once you become a voting member you may serve on a committee.

Join Us!

Becoming a member of Casting Hall is easy. Simply stop by a general membership meeting, held the first Tuesday of every month at 12:30 p.m. in Donald Savage Theater and Communications Building 209. Any Buffalo State student is welcome to join.

For information on business meetings for committees and the executive board, contact Casting Hall at (716) 878-6416 or e-mail us at castinghallproductions@gmail.com.


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