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Strengthened by our unique urban setting and diverse cultural community, Buffalo State Theater provides intensive individual artistic training supported by a robust liberal arts education. 


Through the vehicles of engagement, excellence and social responsibility we strive to develop the next generation of globally impactful artists and citizens.


Student Shares Experience with Depression in Capstone Dance Project

Buffalo State senior Collin Kirdahy knows a thing or two about clinical depression and anxiety.

2017 - 2018 Season

Upcoming Shows!

Movers and Shakers: Dance as Activism

Movers and Shakers: Dance as Activism is a call to action for the choreographers, the dancers, and the audience. Each choreographer reflects on what moves them socially, emotionally, and spiritually as well as physically, and each exercises their creative voice to bring their convictions to life. Choreography is a powerful civic tool when you embody critical global issues and move to convey justice. Join us to witness how the choreographers blend dance with thoughts of social change to inspire the audience to reawaken their concern for injustice, ignite their personal activism, and impact positive change.


In 1930’s Germany, Cliff is a struggling American writer seeking inspiration for his next novel. His life is forever changed when he enters the seedy Kit Kat Klub. Soon he is swept up in a strange and mysterious world of indulgence, sex, drinking, and (of course) dancing, while the Nazi party ominously rises to power in the background. Featuring performances from Buffalo State’s dance company and a gender-bending cast - all presided over by a mysterious, omnipresent Emcee - CABARET promises to be a deeply moving and unforgettable evening. Willkommen!



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