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Strengthened by our unique urban setting and diverse cultural community, Buffalo State Theater provides intensive individual artistic training supported by a robust liberal arts education. 


Through the vehicles of engagement, excellence and social responsibility we strive to develop the next generation of globally impactful artists and citizens.


Alumni Profile: Star Johnson, '09

Star Johnson, ’09, grew up in Temple Hills, Maryland, a little hamlet just outside of Washington, D.C. Accordingly, she always assumed her career would be connected in some way to government and politics. You grow up in the D.C. metro area, you work in government. Expected. Practical. Done.

2017 - 2018 Season

Upcoming Shows!

Blood At The Root

Directed by Aaron Moss

When Raylynn, a young African American high school student, dares to do something no one at her school has seen before--sit under a tree unofficially designated for white students--the shocking discovery that follows uproots this community's feelings on race, sexuality, identity, and the miscarriage of justice. Based on true events of the 2007 incident coined “The Cedar 6,” this ensemble drama examines how a community’s roots influence how they commune.


Deranged Durang 

Directed by Shaun McLaughlin

Deranged Durang is a series of seven one-act plays by Christopher Durang that showcase the playwright’s immense talent in comedic writing from stage to sketch comedy. Performed by an ensemble cast, Deranged Durang borrows from classic television sketch comedy and presents an evening of satire, whimsy, and unbridled silliness.

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