The Meaning of Student Success

As a liberal arts college, we believe the values embedded in the practice and study of theater and dance extend beyond the rehearsal hall, studio, and performance spaces of Buffalo State. We educate our students to collaborate across campus and contribute to the health of our community in laboratories, boardrooms, hospitals, factories, and halls of power.

Theater and dance are art forms that entertain, inspire, challenge, and explore the full range of what it means to be human. Based on collaboration, these performing arts practices center on skills of communication and teamwork while welcoming risks and embracing failure, fostering a stronger self and a better world.

Our Students and Self

  • Our students are dedicated to the process of inquiry and creation, and are able to critically analyze their work and the work of others as they strive for excellence in their scholarship and artistry.
  • Our students engage their physical, intellectual, and emotional resources during their liberal arts career to inspire adaptability, creative thinking, and innovative solutions.
  • Our students effectively communicate their expectations and needs, sharing thoughtful feedback with faculty, staff, and peers, to ensure success.

Our Students and Buffalo State Community

  • Our students are ambassadors of the imagination and rigor of the Theater Department’s academic program and extracurricular activities.
  • Our students are advocates for social justice, with a willingness to take risks and adopt leadership roles under the advisement of Theater Department faculty and staff.
  • Our students model interpersonal dynamics that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in their engagement with the Buffalo State community and its urban setting.

Our Students and The World

  • Our students understand the unique value of theater and dance and their contributions to society today and throughout history, in our culture and throughout the world.
  • Our students develop a critical curiosity to continue to expand their knowledge and discern information as engaged citizens on a variety of platforms in their life beyond college.
  • Our students are prepared to leverage their abilities to contribute in a meaningful way to their communities on a local, national, and/or international level as a citizen in the democratic tradition.